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How To Find A Good Lawyer

Finding the best lawyer has always been one of the toughest tasks people face. Now undertake that burden amidst COVID-19 and it could be next to impossible. But is it though?

Use these steps as a foundation to finding the best lawyer for you:

1) Understand your needs.
In order to find the best lawyer for you, discern the exact need you are searching for. Do you need to execute a will? Are you seeking a visa? Maybe you want to trademark a new design? Whatever it may be, having a grasp on it will go a long way in determining who may be the best lawyer for you.

2) Take advantage of an initial free consultation.
Many lawyers will offer a free consultation before you hire them. Take advantage of this offer! This will give you a chance to communicate with the attorney and get a better understanding of the role he/she could potentially play for your situation. Moreover, doing so will give you the opportunity to determine whether the lawyer is honest and forthcoming. Use your instincts and verify the attorney’s character. How could you test their character using your instincts to detect their personality traits? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they looking you in the eye when they are speaking to you?
  • Do they seem distracted or engaged in your case?
  • Do they have positive body language?

The answers to these questions will go a long way in aiding you to find the best lawyer before you even hire one.

3) Look into their reputation
A lawyer’s reputation is everything. It is how they get business. It is how they gain respect from fellow colleagues and judges. Therefore, it should also be used to help clients determine the character and expertise of any potential attorney they may hire. Thus, do some digging. Ask friends. Ask attorneys. Look them up online – LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. With modern technology so advanced and social media so prevalent, there are plenty of avenues available to you to look into an attorney’s reputation.

What should you be looking for?

  • Look up online reviews of their services. Are they positive or negative? Are there any consistent reviews among various previous clients? For example, most reviews of a particular attorney may allege that the attorney was very uncommunicative.
  • Are they ethical?
  • Check your local state bar association to see if any complaints have arisen over the past about the attorney. Misconduct and malpractice charges would present themselves upon an inquiry with the state bar association.

4) Set your price range
Have a price in mind before you hire a lawyer. Take the time to research the fair market value of an attorney in the practice area that you are seeking legal assistance in. Moreover, ask for a projected cost with a breakdown of services. This will permit you to receive transparent pricing.

Be aware of contingency fees. Some attorneys will ask for a percentage of your settlement, contingent upon a successful outcome. It has its downsides as you could lose a large portion of your settlement in order to pay your attorney. However, it does align your interests with the attorney as it incentivizes them to do a stellar job in order for them to get paid.

5) Ask questions
Now that you are ready to hire an attorney, you must ask them the right questions to assure they are the best attorneys for your case.

What questions to ask?:

  • Ask them about their background. Are they an experienced attorney? Are they successful in their practice area?
  • Are they communicative?
  • How will you receive updates from the attorney? By phone? By email?
    Updates from an assistant or paralegal?
  • Who will be working on your case? Other attorneys? Paralegals? Interns?

* * * * * *

Use these five steps to assure yourself that the attorney you choose will create the best solution for your legal issues!

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