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Legal Intern at JUSTLAW
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Why a Prepaid Legal Plan IS Right for Everyone?

Prepaid legal plans ​are right for everyone. How so, you may ask?

  1. Prepaid legal plans add value and peace of mind whether you are an individual or a business owner.
  2. Prepaid legal plans are extremely affordable.
  3. Prepaid legal plans are perfect for your basic legal needs as well as any unforeseen legal issues that may arise with the blink of an eye.
  4. You are not just paying for one attorney, you are paying for a whole network of attorneys with vast legal experience across almost every area of law imaginable.
  5. As an added bonus, at JUSTLAW, we essentially do anything your heart may desire including, but not limited to: bankruptcy, divorce, family law, forming a corporation, labor law, real estate law, traffic violations, trust & estates, etc. The list goes on and on. If you think there is truly no attorney in the world who could take your case, think again with JUSTLAW.

How does a pre-paid legal plan operate?

If you sign up for a prepaid legal plan, you may be curious as to how you will interact with attorneys and eventually proceed through the various stages of your particular legal issue. Here is a general overview of how the plan operates:

    1. You will likely first engage in a consultation with an attorney.
      This will ordinarily consist of a quick telephone call or office visit with the attorney. The attorney will ask to hear a brief version of the main facts of your case. Upon an initial consultation, most attorneys will generally get a good understanding of your case and subsequently decide the next steps to take.

      Speak with an attorney with a pre-paid legal plan


  1. Miscellaneous steps beyond the consultation.
    After the consultation, the attorney will aid you through a legal procedure that is available to you under your plan. A few procedures include:

      • a. Legal research (limited to a certain amount of hours)
      • b. Document review (limited to a certain number of pages)
      • c. Legal writing of a demand letter, contract, lease, etc. (limited to a certain amount of pages)
      d. Defense counsel for you at a trial (extra charges may apply)

What benefits do individuals and businesses receive when they sign up for a pre-paid legal plan?

Individuals and businesses benefit in a plethora of ways including but not limited to:

  1. Cutting down on attorney costs.
      – Some attorney’s charge you hundreds and hundreds of dollars per hour. Prepaid legal plans permit you to save a vast amount of money.
  2. Reduce the amount of time you spend attempting to retrieve an attorney.
  3. Avoid representing yourself or in other words, ​pro se​.
      – If you are not an attorney and do not have any experience in the field of law you have a legal issue in, you could risk a serious mistake that could cost you your case. Therefore, if you are representing yourself because you believe you cannot afford an attorney, then a prepaid legal plan is perfect for you.
  4. Don’t wait days and months for a response from your attorney.
      – Get immediate help from attorney’s under prepaid legal plans.

Choosing the right one!

To determine which prepaid legal plan is the best for you, follow these guidelines:

  1. Look at the vendor’s online presence. Do people generally leave them positive or negative reviews? Some of the better known plans consistently receive terrible reviews, with customers reporting upsell tactics and the run-around each time they take advantage of the free consultations. Checking these reviews will help you gain insight into how people viewed their services to be under the plan.
  2. Speak to current customers about the services. If you know someone who has mentioned or used the prepaid legal service, talk to them directly to get valuable insight.
  3. Check the price. If you are going to sign up for a pre-paid legal service plan, ensure it is affordable for you.

* * * * * *

JUSTLAW offers a Peace of Mind plan as its signature pre-paid legal plan. Check it out here!

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