Real Estate

Real Estate

Whether you're for divorce or drafting your first will , we're here to help make the future that much smoother.

Landlord disputes

Consultation: 20 minutes
Processing: Varies

When self-help fails, get one of our 5-star attorneys involved to do the heavy lifting for you and negotiate a quick and favorable outcome.

Real estate purchase & sale closings

Consultation: 20 minutes
Processing: 2-3 weeks

Use our attorney network to review your get your real estate purchase or sale executed quickly and with minimal risk.

Lease Agreements

Consultation: 15 minutes
Processing: 2+ days

Whether your are the landlord or tenant, let us help. Spell out essential terms, reduce your liability risk, and as a landlord, protect your investment.

Deed preparation

Consultation: 15 minutes
Processing: 1+ days

Transfer your property quickly and easily with our deed preparation services.

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Get help on more complex issues in family law from one of our top-rated lawyers.


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You'll chat live with legal experts who know the right answers.

Our paralegals are rigorously trained to help solve everyday civil issues like wills, certificates, and agreements. For larger issues, our family law lawyers are all xzy certified and top-rated by other JustLaw clients.

Did You Know

78% of millennials and 64% of Gen Xers do not have a will.

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We take the “justice for all” part seriously.

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