About Us

Our Vision

A world where “equal justice under law” is more than a lofty statement
on the façade of the supreme court building.

Our Mission

The law was made to protect you. JUSTLAW is here to make that true.
With a customer-first mentality and cutting-edge technology, we’re
delivering everyone 24/7 access to fast & affordable justice.

JUSTLAW is transforming the way society accesses justice and the law.
Coupling cutting-edge technology with our total focus on you,
we’re lending transparency, affordability and speed to an industry that
lacks all the above.

We currently offer services in the New York City metropolitan area.

In a short chat with one of our team members, we can understand
your issue and have you connected with one of our five-star attorneys
from the JUSTLAW network. This breezy experience in some ways
betrays the awesome technology at work. Our platform combines
artificial intelligence with the old fashioned people smarts to delight
our customers.


JUSTLAW is a public benefit corporation, which means our official
Certificate of Incorporation commits us to spending some of our
profits and using our resources, including our brilliant network of
5-star attorneys, for the public good. We’ll be identifying a new public
benefit each year, but we’ve started with equality. After all, we’re taking
the “equal justice under law” stuff seriously!