About Us

About Us


Our Vision

A world where “equal justice under law” is more than a big statement on the face of the supreme court building.

Our Mission

The law was made to protect you. JUSTLAW is here to make that true. With a customer-first mentality and cutting-edge technology, we’re delivering everyone 24/7 access to fast & affordable justice.


JUSTLAW is transforming the way society accesses justice and the law. Coupling cutting-edge technology with our total focus on you, we’re lending transparency, affordability and speed to an industry that lacks all the above.

We launched JUSTLAW with a firm belief that the law is broken. There are currently an estimated 238 million unsolved household legal problems in the United States, despite there being about 1.2 million licensed attorneys. Those problems bubble into about 40 million civil lawsuits each year, and untold out-of-court actions. Clearly, law is failing the ordinary American, but the fallout doesn’t end there. For the employers of these underrepresented individuals, they lose employees’ critical focus and time, with workplace stress costing an estimated $190 billion annually. 


Why such a broken industry given its massive size and importance? Lawyers have made the system confusing, expensive and unapproachable for all but the privileged few in the 1%. Additionally, they underutilize efficient technology and are woefully unskilled at marketing and customer conquest.

We’re building the solution to this broken model. JUSTLAW is a public benefit corp based in NYC. Our network of over 300 independent lawyers covers all 50 states. We dedicate a portion of our profits and attorneys’ time to giving back to the communities in which we operate, throughour JUSTCARE initiative.


JUSTLAW is a public benefit corporation, meaning our official Certificate of Incorporation commits us to spending some of our profits and using our resources, including our brilliant network of 5-star attorneys, for the public good. We’ll identify a new public benefit each year, but we’ve started with equality. After all, we’re taking the “equal justice under law” stuff seriously!