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critical civil cases go to court without professional legal representation

in 2017

86 %

of the civil legal problems reported received inadequate or no legal help

Source: Legal Services Corporation

Jason Gabbard
Founder of JUSTLAW

“We provide honest legal services from expert legal professionals.”

Lawyer and JUSTLAW founder Jason Gabbard is no stranger to the disparities of law. He watched his sister struggle firsthand with finding transparent and affordable legal counsel, with little to no help. After law school, he began questioning how the current legal market distributes everyday legal needs to the people—finding there was no clear path forward. That’s when the idea for JustLaw was born.

Most legal issues are simpler than lawyers want you to think.

We feature expert paralegals and top-rated lawyers, who don’t occupy fancy office space. We charge fairly and clarify costs upfront to provide you with the support you deserve.