Whether you're getting divorced or drafting your first will, we're here to help make the future that much smoother.

Divorce (uncontested)

Consultation: 45 minutes
Processing: 2 weeks

If you and your spouse agree on the decisions that need to be made, complete your divorce with JUSTLAW more quickly and affordably.

Recommended for: anyone stuck in a failed marriage

Children guardianship & planning

Consultation: 30 minutes
Processing: 2 days

Why potentially subject your children's fate to the whim of our crowded court system. Take control now by specifying how your minor children should be cared for in the event you are unable to do so.

Recommended for: all parents

Marriage: Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Consultation: 30-45 minutes
Processing: 4 days

Enter your marriage with complete peace of mind with our professionally drafted prenuptial agreements.

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Our paralegals are rigorously trained to help solve everyday civil issues like wills, certificates, and agreements. For larger issues, our family law lawyers are all xzy certified and top-rated by other JustLaw clients.

Did You Know

78% of millennials and 64% of Gen Xers do not have a will.

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