Trusts and Wills

Trusts and Wills

Whether you're for divorce or drafting your first will , we're here to help make the future that much smoother.


Consultation: 10 minutes
Processing: 2+ days

A Last Will and Testament les you decide now what happens to your property, your children, your pets, your social media accounts and much more.

Recommended for: Straightforward estate planning

Living Wills

Consultation: 15 minutes
Processing: 2 days

Also known as an Advanced Health Care Directive. Take control of your health care with our living will that takes minutes to complete.

Recommended for: Anyone that wants to specify the types of medical treatment they receive in an end-of-life medical situation (e.g., do not resuscitate)


Consultation: 25 minutes
Processing: 7 days

A living Trust will allow you to preserve yoru estate for your loved ones and avoid any additional delays and expenses with the court systems by taking control now.

Recommended for: More complicated estate planning needs; households with net worth in excess of $250,000

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78% of millennials and 64% of Gen Xers do not have a will.

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