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Britney is Back! This Time, With a Prenup

Why Britney Spears’ Iron-Clad Prenup is a Sign of True Love and a “Fair and Square” Approach to Money.

This summer, Britney Spears was officially out of her conservatorship and into a new marriage with Iranian-American model and actor Sam Ashgari – but with some serious legal protections and parameters in place. In fact, sources have told TMZ online that the couple has an ironclad prenuptial agreement in place where Ashgari does not get a penny of the fortune Spears has made to date.

With a reported net worth of $70 Million and her inevitable earning potential moving forward, this agreement ensures that Ashgari gets nada if things go south between him and Spears. Both parties reportedly expressed conflicting sentiments on the topic. During the fight for her conservatorship, Spears filed a court report that she did not want her father to impede a prenup. But Ashgari was seen poking fun on social media that he and Britney would only be getting prenup protection for his shoe and car collection if she were to dump him one day.


Before her June 2022 marriage to Ashagri, Britney Spears was engaged to American dancer Kevin Federline for nearly 3 years. They had two sons – Jayden James and Sean Preston. This marriage also had a prenuptial agreement in place, one that left Federline with a $1.3 Million divorce settlement, $20k in child support, and nearly $250k to Federline in lawyer’s fees. 


In May of 2022, a source told US Weekly that prenuptial agreement negotiations with Ashgari were going longer than usual – partly because “Sam want[ed] substantial increases for every five years they are married, should it end.” This may be attributed to his $1 Million net worth compared to her $70. The same source said both Britney and Sam’s legal teams appeared amicable throughout the process – and Britney stayed out of things in their entirety. 


So where does Spears’ conservatorship battle play into planning their prenup? Court records have documented the star’s financial decisions over the years. For example, Entertainment Tonight News obtained documents in 2019 which indicated Spears’ nearly $400,000 in living expenses and an even bigger expense for legal and conservativeship fees amounting to nearly $1.1 Million. As her conservator, Britney’s father received nearly $128,000.

In November of 2021, Judge Brenda J. Penny of the Los Angeles Superior Court officially terminated the conservatorship, finding it to be no longer required nor effective over Britney as she was capable and competent to manage her own financial assets and wellbeing (conservatorships are more generally used for elderly and/or disabled peoples). 


**Photo Courtesy of People Magazine**

Notwithstanding the hot water surrounding the prenup, Ashgari and Spear’s June 2022 wedding was rather intimate at their Thousand Oaks, CA home. Among the most notable 60 guests were Selena Gomez, Madonna, Paris Hilton, and Drew Barrymore. However, many members of Britney’s immediate family – notably her father, mother, sister, and brother – were not in attendance.  


You don’t have to be a celebrity or multimillionaire like Britney to stand to benefit from a prenup. If anything, Britney Spears’ heavily documented and publicized arrangements show just how effective, preventative, and necessary prenuptial arrangements can be to preserve a relationship. You and the one you love stand to benefit from a prenuptial agreement too! As Britney Spears’ case shows, having the right attorney to advocate in your best interests is key.


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